dona laurita photography + fine art | Tiny Hands
"Tiny Hands" was an exhibit of 41 photographs of a child's hands holding objects possessing a sacred and meaningful essence. The body of work was inspired by the struggle of the victims of hurricane Katrina, and the exploration of what we and our children might hold in our hearts as essential to our very existence.

The 41 photographs were displayed as small images surrounded by white space in 8x10 prints in thin black frames and suspended by black ribbon and antique glass knobs of various colors. The prints are available in limited edition 8x10 prints, with the highest print quality available, in custom lustre or metallic options for paper, and are unframed. Please inquire about other possible options for print sizes or any other ideas or questions.

We have been exhibiting selections from the collection in our gallery in Louisville, CO. Stop by to view the collection of these very special images in person!